Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Specialty Functional Medicine Labs Offered by Dr. Helene Pulnik ND

Functional Medicine lab testing looks deeper, into the root cause of health
issues, and provides the basis of a personalized, functional approach in
addressing a broad variety of clinical conditions.

Rather than shooting the dark with what supplements to take, or what type of diet to eat,
Functional Medicine tests will let you know exactly what your system imbalances are so we can treat accordingly based on the results.

Here are some of the different system imbalances we can look into:

  • Micronutrients and Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Weight Gain, Resistance to Weight Loss
  • Food Sensitivities, Inflammation, Allergies
  • Microbiome Health, Leaky Gut, SIBO
  • Mood disorders, Depression, Anxiety
  • Insomnia, Stress
  • Fatigue, Low Energy, Mitochondrial Function
  • Brain Fog, Headache, Muscle/Joint Pain
  • Low Libido, Andropause, Men’s Health, Women’s Health
  • Allergies, Cardiovascular Health, Metabolism, Thyroid Health,  and more!

Let’s take a look!

Adrenal Function Test
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This saliva profile is the best starting point for comprehensive assessment of adrenal
function. Circadian adrenal function testing is used to uncover the root cause of low
energy and fatigue during the day, and insomnia or sleep problems at night.
Cortisol testing can also help to understand the role that stress plays in weight gain
and other metabolic imbalances such as Metabolic Syndrome, insulin resistance, high
blood pressure, high blood sugar and pre-diabetes.

NeuroHormone Complete Test
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This saliva and urine profile is the best starting point for comprehensive assessment
of adrenal function, hormonal status, stress hormones and neurotransmitter balance.
This comprehensive hormone and neurotransmitter profile is important for both men
and women, providing baseline and monitoring and information for patients.

RENEW Wellness Comprehensive Panel
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This blood panel profile provides comprehensive information regarding your overall
health and metabolism, including thyroid function, markers for heart health and
inflammation, liver, kidney and metabolic markers for insulin resistance and
Metabolic Syndrome.

Genetic Testing for Weight Loss & Exercise
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Everyone’s body is unique! This is why the diet or workout that worked great for your
friend may not seem to be giving you the same results. Most importantly, this is how
we create your Personalized Nutrition Plan, with the ultimate goal of improving health
and performance through precision nutrition recommendations. The Genetic Test for
Weight Loss uses evidence-based, actionable genetic markers to help you maximize
your genetic potential and overall health through the power of food, personalized to
your genetic make-up.

New! Ask about the Personalized Menu Plan and your Personalized Supplement Formulation, based on your unique Functional Medicine Test results!

IGG Food Sensitivity Testing
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IGG food reactions are delayed inflammation reactions that affect MORE
than 80%of the population. An IGG Food Sensitivity is a delayed food
reaction, and symptoms do not occur for hours or days after exposure.
Because it’s sometimes very hard to pin down what the cause of your
symptoms are, IGG Food Sensitivities can be an underlying cause of
digestive symptoms, and other complains such as fatigue, brain fog,
migraines/headaches, sinus congestion,joint pain and even weight gain.The
IGG Food Sensitivity test is a finger stick that is done in the comfort of your
home. Identifying which foods are contributing to your symptoms will help
to create a personalized nutritional plan. It is often used in conjunction with
IGG Food Sensitivity testing and SIBO breath testing.

Microbiome Testing
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Microbiome stool testing provides immediate, actionable clinical information for the
management of gastrointestinal health. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and
biomarkers, this profile offers valuable insight into digestive function, intestinal
inflammation, leaky gut, Candida and the intestinal microbiome. The GI Effects test is
a comprehensive assessment of complete gut health, assessing the root cause of
most GI complaints. It looks at Functional Imbalances in 5 key areas relating to GI
function: Maldigestion, Inflammation, Dysbiosis, Metabolite Imbalance, and Infection.
It is often used in conjunction with IGG Food Sensitivity testing and SIBO breath

SIBO Breath Test
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The SIBO Breath Test is a non-invasive test that evaluates bacterial overgrowth of the
small intestine. The SIBO breath test is used to uncover the cause of unexplained
abdominal symptoms such as unresolved abdominal pain/distention, diarrhea, and
flatulence. It is often used in conjunction with Microbiome testing and IGG Food
Sensitivity testing.

Micronutrient Testing
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Micronutrient analysis is a key step in creating a personalized plan for you.
Micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, play an
essential role in human health. They are crucial for proper immune function,
energy production, and growth and development. They are obtained only
throughfood. A diet that lacks enough variety may lead to a nutritional deficiency,
while excessive supplement use may lead to a toxic surplus of micronutrients in
the body. These nutritional imbalances contribute to a variety of chronic diseases.
The Vitamin, Mineral and Micronutrient Test is a finger stick that is done in the
comfort of your home. The test analyzes the direct levels of over 40 extracellular
and intracellular micronutrients. Analyzing both types of micronutrients provides
acomplete picture of a patient’s nutritional status.

DUTCH Hormone Test
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The DUTCH Complete is our most extensive male, female and adrenal hormone profile.
It also offers an assessment of the daily free cortisol pattern, organic
acids, melatonin, vitamins, oxidative damage, and more, all in one simple test.

Dr. Helene works with several other Functional Medicine Specialty lab tests including organic acids, heavy metals, wheat/gluten/celiac testing, allergy testing, and much more.

Disclaimer: Dr. Pulnik does not act as your primary care provider. Dr. Pulnik’s practice is
focused on a complementary, functional and holistic approach to care, and therefore you
should be in the care of a primary care doctor especially if you have a medical condition,
disease or mental health disorder.