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I had serious problems with my digestive tract. Gas and painful bloating. Also, just didn't feel well . The medical doctors didn't help me at all. A friend recommended Dr. Pulnik. I opted for the full bloodwork analysis, which was very comprehensive. I could see for myself that my bad bacteria and yeast were out of control. Also, leaky gut which I suspected. All the medications she prescribed for me are completely natural. These health supporting supplements built up my good bacteria, helped knock out the bad bacteria and yeast, healed my digestive system and even helped with another problem that was unrelated (I thought). Feeling very good. No more distended stomach. I continue to take some of the supplements for maintenance. But Dr. Pulnik does not over-prescribe. She suggests just what you need based on symptoms and bloodwork. Thank you so much for giving me back my health.


Thank you so much for recommending the 21 Day Purification Program for me. I have never felt better or looked so good! The first few days were very difficult, but once I got over my cravings I realized how easy it was. While on the cleanse, I lost a total of 15 pounds, I no longer crave sugary or salty junk foods, and my energy is through the roof! I would recommend this to anyone looking to jump start their way to a healthier body and mind. Thank you again!" Jackie C. from Windsor, CT.
"I first tried the 21 Day Purification Program for a few reasons. First of all, I had joint pain for the majority of my life with no relief from physical therapy, chiropractic work, or anti-inflammatories. Second, I was trying to loose weight and was having a hard time sticking to a diet that didn't leave me feeling hungry or unsatisfied. Dr. Pulnik recommended the 21 Day Purification Program, and I figured 21 days was an easy way to start. I started by making sure I had all the food I could eat at the house and tried to keep my "eating out" plans to a minimum for two weeks, from there it was easy. Learning new recipes and substituting veggies such as portabella mushrooms for meat was fun during the process, by the end I had no more joint pain and lost close to 15 pounds (I also started exercising more consistently.) It has now been close to a year and I am still pain free and have taken off an additional 5 pounds. I am now in the process of doing a second cleanse and due to the success my husband is also doing the cleanse.

Julie21 Day Detox Program

I've struggled with weight issues for years. I went to Dr. Pulnik to discuss possibly embracing The Blood Type diet for weight loss and other health reasons. I am 61 years old with hypothyroidism, slightly high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. I could not accept the 2 latter conditions and finally got REAL help! Dr. Pulnik suggested I try the hCG program. After 40 days I had lost about 20 pounds. My total cholesterol had gone from 273 to 165. My blood work values were all perfectly in normal ranges. I am off blood pressure meds. I've lost and maintained a 23 pound weight loss and am gearing up for another round of hCG. I am so grateful for Dr. Pulnik and this diet. I've read Dr. Simeons' original book, Kevin Trudeau's weight loss book and embraced all aspects and information regarding this plan. I truly believed it has enhanced my life and sense of wellness. This plan works if you let it!

Sharon L.Weight Loss Program