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You asked, we listened!

We are proud to announce that we have upgraded
all our supplements to a much higher source and quality!

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This is my #1 priority as your Naturopathic Doctor!!

Quality standards are constantly changing, and I do my best to stay on top of them for you. I know that we can rely on the companies I’m offering and that they perform the necessary testing on formulas to meet quality assurances of top regulations. And you can be sure that what you get is exactly what is in the bottle.


Not every product has individual research, but I am proud to say that my supplement recommendations now represent more clinical research than ever before! Formulas like CurcuPlex 95, ProbioMax, BergaCor Plus, etc., all have outstanding published research on their efficacy.


Having a long list of ingredients can be a good thing in some situations, but what’s even more important is, having the right amount of the right ingredients. The brands I have selected work hard to make sure they’re using therapeutic doses of powerful ingredients in all their formulas so that they work faster for you!


You can have the best product, or life saving ingredients … but if stored improperly it can be a significant hinderance on the effectiveness of the product. The suppliers I have chosen ensure their products are stored in an air conditioned and humidity-controlled facility and sent directly to you or the clinic. This beats working with second rate companies that do not have proper storing facilities or businesses that do not specialize in supplements (such as Amazon, and other internet and big-box stores).


As all the quality issues are my number one priority, second is your convenience!


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Need professional advice on a personalized supplement plan, created just for you?
Book Your Free 30 Min. Wellness Discovery Call today!