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I hope you had a great summer!
Now that the kids are back to school and October is here, it’s a good time to take a step back and breathe.  I always love the month of October as it is a time to get back to my roots, reflect on my accomplishments this year so far, and focus on what I’d like to do in these last few months leading up to 2023.
More importantly, October is a good month to take stock of your self-care routine and where it can use a bit of help.

Here’s a few  tips can that help with getting back into your self-care routine:
-Make an appointment with your personal trainer, or visit the gym and find out what new classes and services they offer
-Take a cooking class with a friend
-Get into that book you’ve been wanting to read (Bookbub.com has lots of great books, some are actually free!)
-Try eating 2 or more healthy plant-based meals per week (check out your Farmer’s Market for fresh, local produce)
-Make time and space every day to do something special for yourself: listen to a relaxing guided meditation
(Mindful.org for free meditations), check out the DIY Pumpkin Face Masque blog, take a relaxing epsom salt bath, get rid of dry summer skin with daily dry skin brushing (here’s a how-to link for Dry Skin Brushing)

To a wonderful, relaxing October!

Yours In health,
Dr. Helene


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