Testosterone Replacement for Men

Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Dr. Pulnik provides Testosterone testing via serum (blood) or saliva, as well as other specialized testing for optimal wellness in men.

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone, known for its role in development and maintenance of male sex characteristics and normal sex drive, it exerts many other effects including carbohydrate and fat metabolism, cardiovascular health, sense of well-being, prostate health, mood balance, and musculoskeletal repair.

In men, testosterone levels can decline due to aging, metabolic changes and other reasons. The goal for testosterone treatment is to correct a true deficiency using physiologic replacement doses, in which small doses are used, designed to raise levels to the optimal range.  By doing so, a younger physiologic state can be maintained. There are few known side effects with physiologic replacement of testosterone.

Although bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy can be safely used in men, certain medical conditions are contraindicated in any type of hormone replacement therapy.

After beginning therapy, it is common to notice decreased fatigue, increased stamina, decreased muscle and joint aches, better muscle strength, and other improvements.

Dr. Pulnik prescribes bio-identical testosterone.  Using physiologic doses, testosterone replacement is individualized to your specific needs.  Your bi-identical hormone prescription is filled at a licensed compounding pharmacy with experience in providing compounded hormones. We follow your progress with regular periodic testing.