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Order all your therapeutic supplements and medical foods from our Virtual Dispensary, and feel confident that you are getting the genuine product, every time!

To All My Patients and their Families, Friends and Loved Ones:

You may not be aware of the recent discoveries of counterfeit, fake and duplicated supplements found on internet sites like Amazon and other online, third-party “vitamin shops”, and also in well-known sellers of commercial quality supplements such as GNC, drugstores and super sellers like Walmart.

A patient of mine recently refilled a supplement online after having purchased the original product from our office. She noticed that while the original product was a capsule with a white powder, the one she bought online was a capsule with black “gunk” in it. This is very dangerous—never take a supplement if you don’t know for certain where it came from.

Please take the time to read the 3 articles below, as they can greatly influence your health and wellness.

My mission is to provide the best naturopathic healthcare and professional therapeutic treatment to each patient in the process of regaining optimal health and wellness. With this intent, I prescribe only the highest quality professional therapeutic supplements and medical foods, direct from the manufacturers.

To make it easy for patients to re-order their professional therapeutic supplements and medical foods, I have created an online virtual dispensary just for you, to purchase all the professional quality therapeutic supplements and medical foods I have prescribed for for you.

This way I know that you are getting the correct product every time!

To Your Health,

Dr. Helene Pulnik, ND


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