By October 23, 2018Supplements

This is a recent letter to me, dated 2/26/2106, from one of my professional supplement vendors, trying to keep counterfeited copies of their products off the internet, in order to protect consumers.

“Dear Valued Customer,

Designs for Health, one of our valued GOLD Emerson Quality Program partners firmly believes that the healthcare practitioner plays a pivotal role in maximizing the therapeutic benefit of nutritional supplements in the overall treatment and maintenance of patient health. In addition to their dedication to quality, innovation and product formulations, they remain critically concerned with how Designs For Health products are sold to the end consumer, your patients.

In an effort to manage this concern, beginning March 4th, in support of Designs for Health, Emerson will require all Healthcare Practitioner customers (both new and existing) to sign a new RxDFHend Pricing Agreement. The agreement stipulates that Designs for Health products cannot be sold on third-party-facilitated online retail websites or online auction websites (including but not limited to Amazon and EBay). Healthcare Practitioners will be allowed to continue to sell products at full retail price to their patients from websites owned and operated by the Healthcare Practitioner.

Designs For Health remains committed to eliminating the sale of their products through unauthorized online marketers. The new RxDFHend agreement is a stronger step in prevention and support of the hard work you have dedicated to educating your patients on their products.”